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I am not here to heal you.
I am here to help you remember how to heal yourself. To hold space for your healing, to impart tools for healing, and to witness and hold you on your path.

Q: How do I know if I need "healing"?

Hi! I'm Li

My answer:

We live in a society that strategically separates us from our actual, innate, divine, and divinely-connected selves. Western religious philosophies, dogmas, other-ism, tech, 40+ hour work weeks, and more. These all have their positive attributes, but they can also effectively encase us outside of ourselves. 

Many of us come from households where society's standards are praised and even demanded of us, encasing us outside ourselves since our youth. 

If you feel effected by these things and want to try connecting with yourself in a new way, a way that may feel more innate to your core being, while simultaneously breaking down the structures inside you built for society, I have some tools that could help.

I find that this is often a more easeful journey to begin with a companion. Someone who has been there. Someone without judgement. Someone with some helpful tools.

Q: What tools are used?

Energy Work: the ability to see and feel energies and help them to move. I can sense where your energy is at, energy meaning high vibrational or otherwise. I can see where energy may be stuck in your body- I see and feel this energy sometimes as dense and not flowing with the rest of your energy. I will talk to you about what I see and help to move it if you'd like. The areas I see this in usually end up being areas previously effected by traumas. *After the energy has been moved, you will likely feel a sense of relief, though without diligent effort after our session with some tools I can impart, and tools you can find elsewhere, the energy will go back. This session is not a fix-all, it is the start of, or maintenance for, a journey.
Tarot: combining energy and intention into a form of universe mirroring to further inform your journey.
Grounding Exercises: tuning into our connected energetic field with our bodies, all living beings, and the earth. I will walk you through a guided meditation to help you feel and tap into this energetic field. Other grounding practices I may employ if our session calls: breathwork, EFT tapping, somatic movement, shaking, and dancing. These exercises help move us out of the mind and into other sources of knowledge to which we have endless access to. Once properly grounded, we can enter a flow state where healing, expansion, creation, knowing, BEING can be substantially more easeful.
Divine Witnessing: listening to your experience, whatever you'd like to share, with love, radical acceptance, free of judgement. Witnessing you and your journey in its innate divinity.
Plant Spirits: engaging with plant spirits to help guide the work. I use Hapé, Sage and Palo Santo in my sessions. Sage has been used for millennia to clear energies, as well as many other plants for this purpose around the globe. Sage is a powerful plant for this use and its spirit guides this cleansing. It is also local to this area which feels aligned for its use. Sage clears with a feminine spirit, and Palo Santo brings in energe balancing with a masculine spirit. These plants are burned within the container. Hapé is a sacred powdered mix of herbs and tobacco. It is blown into the nose through a Tepi. It increases the flow of energy, making it easier for us to see and clear energy. I typically administer this to myself, and then to you. All plant spirits within the container are optional according to what you prefer. 
*I was trained and followed a strict regimen for months, many years ago, to feel energetically integral serving Hapé. I treat it with the utmost respect, as I do with all plant spirits.

Energy Exchange

Why I call this an energy exchange instead of a payment is to re-establish the fact of what it truly is: an exchange of energies. With your energy that generated society's service tender, and my energy to provide that service.

This is also why I have a payment tier, so that the exchange of energies is equitable. More work does not always equal more money with society's exchange system. This is my effort to balance that, for this exchange, and to help everyone I can in a way that feels fair and all balances out.
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Book here if your income is less than $20k annually.



Book here if your income is less than $50k annually.



Book here if your income is less than $100k annually.



Book here if your income is over $100k annually.

*If you don't see an energy exchange that feels right for you, please contact me.

"I just meditated for the first time since seeing you. Just wow. That was astral. I'm so open and aware! You're an angel."

- K. J.

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